Building Assessments

Building Assessments – MEP Consulting

WCJC Johnson BldgEBE provides MEP assessments of existing buildings to evaluate the type and condition of current MEP systems. Our building assessment may include detailed investigative reports, system investigations, energy studies, and due diligence surveys.

This evaluation identifies problem areas and potential improvements within the infrastructure, along with recommended strategies to update or enhance system performance. By leveraging these detailed assessments and recommendations, building owners can make informed decisions to optimize their systems for long-term success.

Investigative Reports

Investigative engineering evaluates the current condition of MEP systems in existing buildings for insurance or legal purposes. We are experienced and well-established investigative engineering consultants, with a proven track record of comprehensive analysis and exceptional service in the field of MEP systems evaluation.

As an objective third party, we are able to assess system functionality, identify risks, and create detailed reports that provide valuable insights for dispute resolution, asset valuation, and risk management.

MEP System Investigations

System investigations aim to identify specific components within MEP systems that may be negatively impacting the rest of the system. This involves analyzing the efficiency and functionality of individual elements to pinpoint problems and offer solutions for them.

For example, an investigation of a building’s plumbing system could assess components such as pipes, fittings, valves, fixtures, drains, vents, traps, water supply lines, and backflow prevention devices. By identifying the individual components that are performing poorly, the investigation results can be used to improve overall system efficiency.

Consulting Services – MEP Engineering Precision and Accuracy

At EBE, our experienced engineering consultants assess existing building systems to identify inefficiencies and offer sustainable, cost-effective solutions. Contact us to schedule a building assessment with our team.