Construction Administration

MEP Construction Administration

Woodbranch Phase IThe successful execution of any construction project requires engineering oversight during construction. This involves coordinating with contractors. Acting as a bridge between design and execution, we assess whether the intended MEP design is accurately translated into the built structure.

Engineering Oversight – MEP Systems in Building Construction

At EBE, our engineering team can provide oversight for MEP systems during building construction.

This service includes:

  • Conducting Incremental Site Visits: Our engineers can make regular visits to the construction site to ensure a smooth and efficient installation of the mechanical, plumbing, and electrical systems.
  • Creating Status Reports: We keep the client informed with reports about the ongoing status of MEP system installation.

Our construction administration services are related directly to the MEP systems only, and do not include writing construction contracts, administering contracts or change orders, or orchestrating payment for contractors or materials.

Invested and Integrated MEP Engineering Consulting

Our team is fully invested in your construction project from design to completion. We work closely with clients and contractors, creating seamless communication and a shared understanding of project goals. Contact EBE today to learn more about our services.