Investigative Engineering

Investigative Engineering

Lonestar LegalInvestigative engineering is a distinct discipline that offers crucial assessments for insurance and legal claims. This specialized field is essential in the legal and insurance industries, playing a vital role in resolving complex cases by providing detailed and objective insights.

As the cost of settling insurance claims continues to rise, the demand for expert support from engineering professionals has become crucial. In order to ensure a strong case, claims representatives rely on our team to meticulously gather facts, conduct thorough investigations, and develop well-informed professional opinions.

Our investigative engineering team provides unparalleled support in both legal and insurance contexts. We offer specialized investigative engineering services to identify and analyze engineering flaws, missteps, or negligence.

Investigative Training & Certification – MEP Consulting

EBE is a certified member of the Investigative Engineers Association (I-ENG-A), a network of professional forensic engineering firms across the U.S. This certification includes specific training in investigation as well as ongoing education on documenting, testing, and securing evidence to provide accurate insurance reports for many types of investigations.

MEP Engineering Consulting – Investigative Projects

Types of investigative projects we can complete include, but are not limited to:

  • Construction damage study
  • Domestic water study
  • Electrical study
  • EMF study
  • Fire protection study
  • Fire tank study
  • Flood damage investigation
  • Generator study
  • Humidity investigation
  • HVAC study
  • Lighting evaluation
  • Make-up water study
  • Outside air infiltration study
  • Plumbing investigation
  • Water damage investigation

Fire Investigations

We complete fire investigation engineering assessments for:

  • Business fires
  • House fires
  • Vehicle fires
  • Grill or appliance fires

Storm Damage Assessments

Our team offers expert engineering consulting for storm damage assessments. We complete MEP inspections to identify the extent of damage, propose effective remediation strategies, and provide construction administration for the restoration of MEP infrastructure to its pre-storm condition.

Facility Condition Assessments

We provide an impartial facility condition assessment service as a trusted third-party, focused on evaluating MEP systems. These assessments are valuable for legal and insurance purposes, providing an unbiased view of the condition and performance of existing MEP components.

Thorough and Objective Investigative Engineering Consultants

With over 20 years of MEP engineering experience, our team conducts meticulous investigations and delivers detailed assessments and reports. Our analysis and recommendations provide high-quality documentation for legal and insurance purposes. Contact us to discuss our investigative services further.