Legal Support

Investigative MEP Engineering – Legal Case Support

Lonestar LegalAt EBE, we offer expert engineering analysis in legal investigations. Our team of highly qualified engineers specializes in providing MEP engineering for legal case support.

With extensive expertise in mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, our experts can identify faults and flaws, offering reliable insights to inform legal proceedings. We maintain meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to accuracy.

MEP Expert Witness

Our team of professional engineers are not only highly skilled in technical analysis, but are highly familiar with the contribution of investigative engineering to the legal process, making us ideal candidates to serve as expert witnesses in court proceedings.

Given our MEP engineering knowledge and experience, we can deliver comprehensive insights on MEP system failures, substantiating our findings with contextual evidence. We strive to explain complex technical issues clearly and understandably to help clarify facts and provide reliable testimony. This plays a vital role in achieving well-informed legal outcomes.

Insurance Claim Support

When a system failure occurs, insurers require solid evidence to validate a claim. Our investigative engineering services can provide crucial support documentation for insurance claims regarding MEP systems.

Our engineers thoroughly investigate and document the cause of the failure, whether mechanical, electrical, or plumbing-related. We are able to generate detailed reports that offer factual evidence, helping insurers make informed decisions about the scope and validity of a claim. Our comprehensive approach provides fair and prompt handling of insurance claims, minimizing disputes and assuring all parties of the claim’s integrity.

Forensic Failure Insurance Investigations

Forensic failure in MEP systems refers to investigating and analyzing system malfunctions or breakdowns in a building’s infrastructure. For insurance purposes, forensic failure analysis is crucial. It involves examining the failed system, identifying the failure mode, and determining the contributing factors.

A forensic failure investigation can answer three important questions about the relevant MEP materials, components, or design: what failed, how it failed, and why it failed.

Investigative Services by Professional Engineers

With deep technical knowledge and investigative expertise, EBE can offer crucial insights that shape legal proceedings and validate insurance claims. From acting as expert witnesses in courtrooms to generating detailed reports for insurers, and attorneys our investigative engineers provide the support needed for well-informed decisions. Trust our team to deliver accurate findings that support your case.