Lighting & Controls

Lighting and Controls – Electrical Engineering Design

Lonestar LegalEffective lighting design is crucial for reducing energy costs, optimizing space functionality, and improving human comfort. This is valuable both in new projects and in facilities undergoing renovation.

By strategically placing lights, using energy-efficient luminaires, and controlling them through the latest technology, a well-designed lighting plan can significantly decrease energy consumption and costs. Additionally, proper lighting enhances space usability by creating the desired ambiance and making it suitable for its intended purpose.

Our electrical engineering consultants at EBE are essential for planning and designing illumination systems and lighting controls in buildings. We are highly experienced in electrical systems, relevant codes, and energy efficiency.

Lighting Controls for Energy Efficiency

Well-designed lighting controls contribute significantly to energy efficiency by allowing precise control over lighting use. By integrating sensors and timers, these systems can automatically adjust light levels based on the time of day, occupancy, and the amount of natural light available.

Electrical Engineering Consulting – Lighting Systems

EBE can deliver high-quality electrical engineering designs for illumination systems and lighting controls. Our experienced team creates energy-efficient, sustainable lighting solutions tailored to your workspace along with options for advanced automated lighting controls to optimize energy consumption and extend equipment lifespan. Get in contact with us for more information about our MEP consulting services.